There’s still a way to go – finishing stroing in 2019

There is a phenomenon doing business in Australia…some people and industries start winding down in late October and by early November, some 7 weeks before Christmas, they have almost stopped, productivity goes out the window, and Christmas parties and wind-ups begin.  This is significant…especially for small business owners, as stopping in November and December and … Read more

Take time out

Apart from Christmas, do you allow yourself time off throughout the year? With Christmas soon upon us, a lot of business owners let go of the guilt surrounding taking a break from their business. Whether it’s because you know your clients are off, allowing yourself that permission to have time off too, or whether you … Read more

Business Banking

Do you separate your business banking from your personal banking? Come end of tax year are your accounts in a shamble’s? A simple step to streamline your small business accounting is to set up a business account for all business transactions. Need a personal wage, just transfer into your personal account each week, it’s that … Read more