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Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that is recognised and regulated by law in Australia, and around 40 other countries globally, as well as being established and recognised under general law in many other countries. The practice of chiropractic allows for a wide range of different styles, techniques and approaches, as well as offering a host of post graduate qualifications in select areas of practice. At the simplest level of understanding, chiropractic practice recognises and respects that integration and co-ordination of the central nervous system (CNS) with the rest of the physical body is a necessary requirement for the expression of health and wellbeing in BOTH the physical body AND the CNS. Chiropractors endeavour to ensure that this relationship between your CNS and your body is operating at its best and seeks to identify and restore disturbances to this connection, then promote appropriate lifestyle choices based on understanding to help maintain this relationship. Dysfunction of your spine is the main culprit of ‘brain to body and body to brain dysfunction’. Your spine IS the home of your spinal cord, it IS the doorway for the majority of your peripheral nerves entering and exiting your CNS, it IS the centrepiece of your core, and it IS sadly one of the most commonly injured parts of your body!

At Benz Chiropractic clinics, we emphasise elucidating the underlying dysfunction that eventually leads to the annoying pain/symptom that you usually present to our clinics with. In the addressing of this under-pinning problem, as well as the source of your pain, we’ll alleviate your suffering and improve your health. We also collaborate with many other healthcare professionals that we have engendered professional relationships with, across the full spectrum of healthcare, so that you benefit for our extensive experience within the ‘healthcare system’.

Chiropractic care can be applied to every age group, every ethnicity, every nationality, every religion/belief system, and in conjunction with every other health profession. It has been shown to be safer, and more effective in addressing many common health complaints than many other ‘conventional’ ways.

Chiropractic care is ‘green’, it is ‘environmentally sustainable’, it is in-expensive, it is ‘low tech’, its ‘carbon foot-print’ is nil and it engenders a high degree of patient satisfaction


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