Sports Strapping uses tape to support the joints or soft tissues of the body to minimize the possibility of injury or support optimal function.

  • Rigid Tape is a non-extensible tape used to support compromised ligaments and restrict specific ranges of motion in the strapped joint. Commonly used following an acute sprain for support and to reduce the possibility of re-injury.
  • KinesioTape is a cotton-based tape with 2-way stretch. This tape is typically applied to along muscles to either facilitate or inhibit contraction by manipulating the proprioceptive input in the overlying skin.
    – This tape can also be applied as a net to lift the skin over a swollen area to promote lymphatic flow in the area and help to reduce swelling.
  • ActiveTape is a cotton-nylon blend tape with 4-way stretch. This tape is designed to support compromised tendons.


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